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"Sarah Wilde is an author to watch. She is a brave new voice who doesn't shy away from darker themes, while at the same time, explores the nuances of family life with a sympathetic eye. I can't wait to read more from her."

Emma Cooper
Author of The Songs of Us, The First Time I Saw You and other titles.


Do not judge what you do not understand. 

Gregory fell in love with Stephanie the moment their eyes met at the village dance. They married. His friends see him as a loving husband and devoted father. But they will never understand how deep his loyalty to his wife runs. Will you?

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Two sisters, two worlds, and one impossible choice that changed everything.

When a group of wealthy and powerful women, calling themselves The Completists, reached their breaking point after witnessing the oppression of women for too long, an uprising began, offering every woman a life free from the judgment and control of men.


Many women did not view this lifestyle as the answer, preferring society to remain the same, and a counter-movement of Chosen Ones emerged to defend romantic love.


Twenty-six years later twin sisters find themselves on opposing sides of a divided society when one sister abandons her twin to forge her destiny. Fighting for her freedom, Kate escapes from the world of men, leaving Sophie to stand by her belief that romantic love brings meaning to life.


Both women believe they are making the right choice for the right reasons. But no choice is without consequences. Can the bond between them transcend this cultural divide and reunite a fractured family, or will their personal beliefs leave their relationship shattered?


Given the choice, and with so much at stake, which life would you choose? Read The New World and find out.


The New World is the first book of the dystopian trilogy, The Completists. If you enjoy fast-paced, thought-provoking dystopian fiction, you’ll love Sarah Wilde’s debut novel set in the near future, which just might happen.

Completists The Sacrifice new cover.jpg


Two sisters, two worlds, and one secret they cannot share.

Isolated from her friends and family, by a secret she is forced to keep, Kate discovers her inner strength, but will it sustain her through the challenging times ahead, and will her family and friends forgive her for deceiving them?


When an ambitious zealot, Louella Strathbone, is elected as the new leader of The Completists, Kate begins to feel uneasy. She is convinced Louella is hiding something from the Movement’s members.

Her suspicions are confirmed when the two people she loves the most become Louella’s first victims, and Kate can’t tell a soul about what is happening.

Then a new threat emerges which no-one in the family could have foreseen and nobody can stop.

Will Kate be able to regain her faith in a movement that has lost its way, and protect herself and her family, or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice?


The Sacrifice is the second book of the dystopian trilogy, The Completists. Sarah Wilde takes you on a rollercoaster ride you won’t want to get off.

completists_The Prize new cover.jpg


Two sisters, two worlds, and one enemy they must both defeat.


Now the leader of the Completists, Kate must face her most dangerous enemy yet, The Brotherhood. A group of men who believe they have a right to sex and view The Completists as a plague to be eradicated.

But unexpected things can happen when a society is faced with a common enemy.

Kate unites with her niece Emmeline to strive for political equality. As Emmeline starts to make headway, she encounters a man who stirs up feelings she had long since buried. Catapulted to a position of political power Emmeline could only have dreamed of, she

soon discovers that politics is a dirty game; and if she sticks to her principles, she risks losing the love of her life.

Will the Brotherhood be the catalyst the country needs to reunite, or will Emmeline succumb to love and give up the prize everyone has been fighting for?


The Prize is the third book of the dystopian trilogy, The Completists. Sarah Wilde pulls of a satisfying and dramatic conclusion to the family’s tragedies and triumphs and depicts a new society you may wish already existed.

Cara Matriarch.jpg




Cara is lost.

She lost her innocence, her trust, her child, her husband, her sense of humour and, some would say, her mind.

But then a mysterious visitor arrives who leads her on a murderous journey of self-discovery.

After her death, Cara’s story becomes the catalyst for a revolution. Read about her legacy in The New World, the first book of The Completists trilogy by Sarah Wilde.

Please be aware that...

this novel deals with dark issues. The two main characters express opinions and behave in a way that may shock and offend some readers.

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